The ’80s are making a comeback — shoulder pads, neon colors, graphic patterns. It should be no surprise, then, that one of the biggest summer beauty trends is heavily pigmented makeup in daring colors.

Eyes are awash in shades of lime green and electric blue. Lips are popped with bright hues of orange and red. And eyebrows make a statement in their natural, unplucked state.

To get an updated ’80s-inspired look, experts suggest making slight alterations.

“You can also do other pastels like a lilac or baby blue, but it’s safer to stay away from shadows that are very frosty, which can look dated,” celebrity makeup artist Rachel Goodwin told the New York Times recently. “To keep it 2014, it’s more minimalist and exact. Pick one color to focus on.”

Tips for an updated ’80s look

1. Skip the heavy foundation and streaks of blush.

2. Balance the boldness of eyes, cheeks or lips with an otherwise neutral face.

3. If color just isn’t your thing, bust out your black liquid liner, because perennially chic cat-eyes are oh-so-’80s.

The New York Times contributed to this report.