No matter how satisfying, relaxing and soothing a warm shower can be, why not make it better? More intense water pressure, better organization, even music can make a shower all the more enjoyable.


1 Once you’ve showered under a ceiling-mounted rain shower, it can be hard to go back. But installing an overhead shower can be a major project that many aren’t up for. There’s a simpler solution. Moen’s Arris shower arm installs into the shower’s existing plumbing. It then attaches to the Arris Rainshower shower head. Prices vary at

2 Sometimes it seems like the bottles housing your shampoo, conditioner and body wash — and everything else that finds its way into the shower stall — are procreating. That can leave your shower a cluttered mess. The Simplehuman tension shower caddy can help keep your shower floor or bath ledge clear of bottles. The adjustable aluminum pole secures between the floor and ceiling, and the three wire-frame shelves slide up and down so that everything from your loofah to your soap-on-a-rope has a perfect spot ($130 at


3 When we think no one can hear us, we belt out our favorite songs, be they Motown classics, Lady Gaga or anything in between. But it’s always better to sing along to music. That’s where ToiletTree’s Stormp3 can help. Water-resistant, with a bracket that makes it simple to mount on the shower wall, the Stormp3 can store up to 500 songs, which you can add via the USB cord that comes with the device ($59.95 at


4 OK, the concept seems a little crazy: a water-resistant Bluetooth speaker that wirelessly connects to your phone. Sure, the Zadro Aqua Audio enables you to talk on the phone while showering, but more to the point, you can use it to stream podcasts and music. And with a simple one-time setup and big, easy-to-use buttons, it is simple to navigate ($39.99 at


5 The shower’s heat and humidity open up your pores, making it an ideal place to shave, assuming you have a good fogless mirror. The ToiletTree Fogless Shower Mirror features a built-in shelf to store your razor, as well as a self-stored squeegee so you can remove excess water from the front of the mirror. And it comes with double-sided mounting tape so that you don’t have to deal with suction cups that fail to stick to the wall. $29.95 at