Be honest: How long has it been since you glanced at your smartphone?

Probably not very long. By one count, the average smartphone user checks it nearly 150 times a day. Texting, social media, gaming, listening to music, the list of uses for a smartphone goes on and on.

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And that's just one device. One example of the way the digital world is part of our daily lives. Pretty impressive considering the Internet as we know it grew from an idea hatched just 25 years ago. Who could have predicted the onslaught of YouTube videos, Twitter uprisings and selfies to come?

#AlwaysOn will be a place to explore our relationship with technology. Also, a place to have some fun because a lot of the Internet is absolutely ridiculous.

For the most part, people are pleased and optimistic. The Pew Research Center found 59 percent of people think science and technology will improve our lives in the coming decades.

But we're still wary of drones, robot caregivers for the elderly and implants or devices that would provide information about the world around us. Pew reported a majority of Americans thought those things would change life for the worse.

Regardless, what comes next will be interesting.

Share your thoughts. Send questions. Chat with me (@HumphreyKatie) on Twitter. There's a lot to keep up with in this fast-changing digital life.

We might as well start with cats vs. dogs:

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