New app shows effects that alcohol can have on your face

Mirror, mirror in my phone. Ever wonder about the impact all that drinking has on your looks?

"Drinking Mirror," a new smartphone app, aims to show you. The free app, part of the "Drink Smarter" campaign by the Scottish government to make people aware of the line between social drinking and binge drinking, plays on people's vanity and specifically targets women. Android and iPhone users with the "Drinking Mirror" app are able to upload or snap photos of themselves and enter information about their drinking habits. Once they do so, they will see how their faces might age if they continue to drink at their current rate.

The app's website, which seeks to spread awareness about health concerns associated with excessive alcohol consumption, warns that weight gain, dull skin, wrinkles and red cheeks are associated with drinking heavily on a regular basis.

'Superfoods' for people older than 50

"Eat healthfully" is more than a weight-loss tip. The right foods can help protect vital organs such as the eyes, lungs, heart and brain, and are especially important as we age. To help people get the most bang for their dietary buck, AARP created a list of the top 15 superfoods for people older than 50.

The list includes standard fare such as apples, which can help lower cholesterol and maintain healthy blood sugar levels, and oatmeal, which is low in fat and high in iron and other minerals. Other superfoods include asparagus, blueberries, broccoli, butternut squash, fava beans, Greek yogurt, kale, olive oil, pears, quinoa and salmon.

But that doesn't mean men and women older than 50 who want to eat well are doomed to eat without any decadence. Dark chocolate — at least 70 percent cacao — is full of antioxidants, and coffee may offer protection against breast cancer and Alzheimer's disease. More info:

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