Part of my State Fair routine each year is a stop at the Minnesota House of Representatives booth to examine the questions on the annual issues survey it offers fairgoers. Part of my post-fair routine is to take note of that survey’s results. They aren’t scientifically reliable, but legislators pay attention to them, right?

Maybe not. On Wednesday, the House voted 106-21 against allowing Sunday liquor sales in Minnesota, despite being advised by 63 percent of 2012 State Fair survey respondents that they like the idea.

The House's vote came on an amendment offered by Rochester Rep. Tina Liebling.

Afterward, Sen. Roger Reinert, the Senate sponsor of a bill to allow Sunday sales, faulted his House counterpart for offering Sunday liquor sales as an amendment to a larger bill.

"This is a major change and needs to work its way through the legislative process so the public can have all the opportunity necessary for input," he said.

Apparently hearing from some 9,000 people at the Great Minnesota Get-Together isn't input enough.