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Putting it all together

The toy-inspired family film “The Lego Movie” is an homage to the spirit of the iconoclast (i.e., the child). Its hero is anything but a rule-breaker. Set in a world built entirely of Legos, the story revolves around construction worker Emmet Brickowski (voice of Chris Pratt), a tiny plastic Everyman who loves nothing better than following instructions. But when his Lego universe is threatened by an evil villain (Will Ferrell) who intends to glue all the world’s pieces — and its people — together, Emmet must join forces with a group of rebels to stop him. Extras on the DVD and Blu-ray include commentary, several featurettes, an “Everything Is Awesome” sing-along, outtakes and deleted scenes. Some editions include a Lego mini-figure. Warner, $20-$50

Washington Post