Danny Valencia isn't the only attention-getting Target Field newcomer. Twins fans have a few new food options, including these home runs:

Gate 14: There's no view of the field inside Hrbek's, the standing-room-only bar/restaurant (the outdoor patio is a major plus), but that doesn't matter when the walleye sliders ($13) are this good. The tender, piping hot cakes are dressed with lettuce, tomato and onion and a smoked tomato aioli and slipped into buttered and grilled brioche buns. The he-man portions -- three to a serving, plus a handful of crinkle fries -- suggest sharing, but after a single bite such thoughts evaporate.

Sections 113/114: The Hebrew Nationals at Kosher Dogs ($5.75) are easily Target Field's top hot dogs. The all-beef franks are grilled until browned and snappy, and each feisty bite reminds you that you're not knocking back a boring supermarket dog. As for the stand's name, it's no exaggeration; at many games, the proceedings are supervised by a rabbi.


Sections 111/112: First the Minnesota State Fair, then a Nicollet Mall food cart and now Target Field. Is Turkey to Go quietly planning world domination? The tastiest enterprise of the Minnesota Turkey Growers Association is serving up superb turkey sandwiches ($7), a heaping pile of juicy, well-seasoned shredded turkey spooned into a decent bun. Dress it up with a splash of Ken Davis Bar-B-Q-Sauce, and a shake of Cajun-inspired seasoning.