Have they carbon-dated it for authenticity? AP says:

Somewhere, an aging drummer (identity unknown) is probably still kicking himself.

A newly discovered letter found folded in a book at a Liverpool yard sale has shed new light on the Beatles' early days, revealing that Paul McCartney offered an audition to a mystery drummer in 1960, just a few days before the band left for a formative two-month gig in Hamburg, Germany.

The letter, to be auctioned next month by Christie's, has surprised Beatles scholars. It was written two years before the band bounced drummer Pete Best in favor of Ringo Starr, who arrived just in time to help the Beatles' conquer first England and then the world, earning untold millions along the way.

Beatles scholars!  Wonder if they put that on their resume. Can you get a degree in Beatles Studies? I'm afraid to check. Look, they were a great band and they wrote some wonderful songs that will stand the test of time, but this isn’t a lost fragment of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Nevertheless, it’s being handed with the care and devotion one would give a precious relic:






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