I had all year to get new carpet in the living and dining rooms, but waited until right before Christmas to start hunting for it. I guess I got used to seeing that big gray stain next to the dining table and the rust blob from spilled water under the plant stand. But I sure don’t want anyone else to see them.

Inviting people over for holiday gatherings is a better motivator than Tony Robbins.  The looming deadline pushes me  to get my home  rejuvenation  projects all wrapped up.

Last year,  I replaced ny nonfunctioning old stove with a new one the day before my pals came over for our annual Christmas cookie bake. It's easy to get energized when the end result is fresh-baked cookies.

This year,  I really need a  push. In the 12 days before Christmas, I’ll be pondering frieze, cut and loop pile and saxony at the carpet stores. Then moving furniture for the carpet installer. That’s on top of grocery and gift shopping, cooking baking, cleaning, and of course, making my house merry and bright.

I have friends who waited to remodel outdated bathrooms and kitchens until right before they threw a big graduation party. For my son's graduation bash,  I plan to put in a big concrete patio and plant lovely landscaping in the backyard.

But there's no hurry. I have until May 2015 — that’s when he graduates.

Do you procrastinate? What are some home projects you’ve accomplished in a short time under the gun?