AP photo

AP photo

Yes. Of course. Because if there’s anything in the world that will move the stony heart of a movie executive, it’s a demonstration in another hemisphere:

Thousands of New Zealanders took to the country's streets on Monday to protest against possible plans to move production of Peter Jackson's "Hobbit" movies overseas.


With some dressed as hobbits or other characters from Middle Earth, they carried banners saying "New Zealand is Middle Earth" and "We Love Hobbits," aiming to reassure nervous Hollywood studio executives rattled by a short-lived union boycott.

If the boycott is over, and the threats have been made, we may be at the crucial humiliating-concession-extraction phase of the negotiations. Incidentally, the picture above is used by AP for every single story about the "Hobbit" flick problems. Looks like there's a strip mall in the background. As Joni Mitchell said, they paved over the shire, and put up a parking lot. Are we going to work Joni Mitchell lyrics in to every post today? No. But you'd think the correct usage would be put down a parking lot. It's not something one erects, like a building, or a set of an expensive movie that just got a little cheaper because the union agreed to let the producers hire some non-union labor for minor things. 

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