People in my business, and especially those who do my job, often are accused of negativity. There's a reason for that. If anyone in a sports department is going to take a hard stand, it should be the columnist. That's what we do.

For me, though, the most rewarding stories emanate from winning teams. Watching Brett Favre play brilliantly and the Vikings' offense simmer is as good as it gets in this business.

It's been quite a week, really. A kid from Cretin High wins the American League MVP award, Cretin wins the big-school football title, and then Favre polishes his Hall of Fame bust.

He completed 32-of-48 passes for 392 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions on a day when Adrian Peterson was not very good and his receivers dropped at least three passes. He is ridiculously good right now, making the game look simple, and we have to keep reminding ourselves that the game has never been this simple even for him, the most prolific passer in NFL history.

Favre admitted after the game that he's never played quite this way before. In my column for the Monday paper, I write about how I believe this is now Favre's team, not Peterson's. Along with all of the factual evidence, to see Favre in the Vikings' lockerroom is to realize what they have been missing in terms of charismatic leaders.

This is a deep, talented roster, but, other than Favre, there is noone who could or would grab the entire team by the lapels and shake it into shape. Favre is as compelling in person as he has been on TV all these years, and more.

He has played 11 games as a Viking. Last year, after 11 games, he began his decline. Sunday, he said his arm feels wonderful. He's not even icing after games. And he threw a 65-yard laser early in the game that demonstrated that he still has more than enough arm strength.

What I enjoy most about having Favre in town is that football is so much more interesting when you can think along with the quarterback. The guy makes decisions faster than Judge Judy.

I feel like I'm writing about Favre every game. I'm not apologizing. To me, quarterback is the most difficult and fascinating position in sports, and getting to watch Favre in person every game is a career highlight.

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