Dear Anonymous Hate Mail Sender: 

If you would have had the courage to put your name and address on the propaganda you recently sent to me at my home, I would have responded to you in a like manner. However, since the only information I have to go on as to your identity is a return address of “American News Center,” I have no way to confirm the receipt of your odd mailing other than this most public of forums.
Let’s start with the first of the five clippings you sent – the three-framed comic strip that shows two people discussing whether there should be an intelligence test for voters. One asks the other, “What if there are more stupid people than intelligent people?” Not surprisingly, the punch line in the final frame is, “Then the Democrat wins!”
The comic strip ties in nicely with the photocopied clipping you enclosed proclaiming, “Nazis came from the left.” Of course, I don’t know who wrote this piece, but in it the author says, “In Germany, freedom of speech and the press were totally curtailed because Hitler didn’t like to hear dissenting opinions…” The clipping goes on to say that this is happening today in America with liberals and Democrats.
Might I point out, my anonymous fan, that this blog site is the epitome of free speech. Indeed, it is my freedom of speech that seems to have compelled you to use your freedom of speech to respond, though secretly of course, for you.
Your third enclosure, stating that “Hitler was: anti-smoking, anti-capitalist, pro gun control, pro euthanasia, pro animal rights and a vegetarian,” has me stumped. Is this the best connection you can make between Hitler and liberals? That he was a vegetarian?
The Nazi clipping you sent seems to condemn disparaging comments about President Bush, yet you send me the image of cigarette-smoking President Obama wearing the top of an acorn with the heading, “ACORN cap with the nut still attached.” I guess the rules of civility you want others to follow don’t apply to you. Whoever you are.
Finally, your “Untitled” clipping that makes the following leap: “Liberal = sexual perversion, infant killing, money laundering, perjury, fraudulent voter registration and voting, treason, enemy patronizing, America hating, cowardice, imbecilic, sociopathic and let’s see, what else. I’ll get back to you later as there is a village idiot outside trying to steal tomatoes from my garden. Oh, yah, before I forget, Ms. Hussein in not a US citizen.” is just tired. (And what’s up with the “Ms. Hussein” reference?) The closing on that piece, “Telescoping you, Red America,” just leaves me confused.
Lest you think I missed the subtlety, nice touch with the Ronald Reagan “Forever” stamp on the envelope. Ronald Reagan and I have more in common than you might realize, however. He didn’t, nor do I, hide behind the cloak of anonymity. He had the courage to state and defend his views in the public arena.
You might want to take a tip from Reagan before anonymously sending your next envelope full of ignorant and bizarre materials. Have the guts to sign your name.

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