Looks like a spectacular day for the Twins' home opener at Target Field, sunny and warm. Maybe the Twins' weather luck will return this year.

    Chris Herrmann has arrived and will be in uniform for today's opener against Oakland. But instead of replacing one of the Twins' sore-handed outfielders, he's assuming the roster spot of Jason Bartlett, who sprained his left ankle Sunday while sliding home to score from first base on Chris Colabello's double.

    That's an interesting choice, but a logical one if Josh Willingham and Oswaldo Arcia aren't injured enough to warrent two weeks out of action. Basically, the Twins have three players who have injuries that will keep them out of the lineup for a few days, but who don't need two weeks off. But the Twins are too short-handed not to add another player, so they had to make a calculation: Which of the three can they most afford to do without for a couple weeks?

    By placing Bartlett on the DL, they give Willingham and Arcia two more days (with the off day Tuesday) to get healthy enough to play. Arcia planned to test his sore right wrist today and Willingham's left wrist was bruised when he was hit by a pitch yesterday in Cleveland.

    If one of them is not ready Wednesday, look for another roster move. In the meantime, Herrmann went 7-for-17 during spring training and in addition to playing the outfield, he can serve as a third catcher. Plus, he's been taking ground balls at first base; that's where he was stationed during yesterday's game in Rochester when word came that he was needed in Minneapolis. He caught a 5:45 a.m. flight this morning to get here.

    With outfielders suddenly scarce, Gardenhire said Chris Colabello will play right field today, a position he's played before (though without distinction, let's say). He's not an outfielder, Gardenhire said, but he'll do for a day while the Twins straighten out their roster. Tomorrow is an off day, so they hope to be shorthanded only for one day.

    Here are the lineups for today's opener, Kasmir vs. Correia:




Fuld CF

Lowrie SS

Donaldson 3B

Moss 1B

Cespedes LF

Callaspo DH

Reddick RF

Norris C

Sogard 2B


Kasmir LHP




Dozier 2B

Mauer 1B

Plouffe 3B

Colabello RF

Pinto DH

Kubel LF

Suzuki C

Hicks CF

Florimon SS


Correia RHP

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