A Hennepin County judge has found a Maplewood woman guilty of her second murder conviction for selling heroin to someone who overdosed and died.

Beverly "Ice" Burrell, 31, sold heroin to Max Tillitt in September 2015, who took it in a motel room and overdosed as his girlfriend and baby were in the room. In emotional testimony during Burrell's trial, Tillitt's girlfriend described him as immediately losing control of his body and vomiting when he injected the heroin, which was mixed with meth.

Paul Scoggin, the same judge who convicted Burrell of killing Tillitt, also found her guilty of murder for the overdose death of Lucas Ronnei after she sold him heroin in January 2016.

Burrell still faces two more third-degree murder charges in Hennepin County and another in Sherburne County.

Brandon Stahl