On multiple occasions this season, it has been fair to wonder whether a Twins team playing primarily .500 ball was heading on a nose-dive south from which they would never recover.

The Twins entered Thursday six games under .500 for the first time all year. Once again we find ourselves asking: Is this the point where the Twins break? Do five losses in a row become 11 of 13, 14 of 17? Our guess this season is "no" based on the starting pitching being better. Then again, we just watched three starting pitchers throw about as well as possible at Fenway, only to have the bats go silent in a sweep.

big words Heat President Pat Riley said, "You have to stay together and find the guts," as he talked about whether the Big Three would stay in Miami.

best? The folks over at beyondtheboxscore.com make the case that the Dodgers' Clayton Kershaw threw baseball's best modern day no-hitter.