The fashion at the Hennepin County Government Center makes for great diversion: faux fur red boots, a middle-age woman in a T-shirt that reads “American Dream Girl,” a man on his way to court in a red satin jacket with bejeweled wings and a cross on the back.

As the poorest and the powerful pass through the 24-story building’s skyway level, the eavesdropping is at least as entertaining. Overheard snippets Tuesday provide a peek into the panoply of passersby.

First judge to second judge: “I settled a case for you today.”

Second judge: “Was it a big one?”

First judge: “No. A little automobile thing.”

Second judge: “A case is a case.”

Man on cellphone: “So then they’re going to ask, ‘Why didn’t you throw her out then?’ ... I understand what you’re saying, I’m just trying to appease the court.”

Defendant to lawyer: “I’ve already missed so much work and I’m paying for parking.”

Lawyer to pregnant law clerk: “Wow. You’re about to pop that sucker out.”

Law clerk: “Eight weeks; I need a body brace.”

Woman on the phone talking about child support: “I don’t know how to find him or anything.”

Men leaving the building: “I ain’t talking about the judge. I’m talking about the prosecutor, I’ve seen her work.”

Cop to receptionist, pointing out a middle-aged man passing by: “I arrested him when he was a juvenile; I’m almost positive.”

Woman on information desk phone asking which courtroom a friend is in: “No, he had a domestic.”

Security guard at metal detector to man passing through: “You must have that [urine analysis] testing thing.”

Man: “Yeah, I’m right on time.”

Guard: “Have a good one.”

Man: “I’d be having a good one if I wasn’t here.”

Several passing lawyers and judges to seemingly lurking newspaper reporter: “What are you doing?”