Jeffrey Hatcher is hitting the road this month with his one-man show based on Hamlet. The playwright/actor is taking “Jeffrey Hatcher’s Hamlet” to seven cities, courtesy of the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.  He will be in Blue Earth (March 17), Staples (20th), Brainerd (21st), Duluth (24th), Moorhead (27th), Cambridge (29th) and Dawson (31st).

Hatcher wrote the play about a school project when he was 11 years in Steubenville, Ohio. He adapted, directed and performed Shakespeare’s drama for his fifth-grade class – and it turned out to be his first hit. He attempts to recapture the heady and naïve optimism of youth in the show.

Hatcher has had a few other successes since. Winner of the 2013 Ivey Lifetime Achievement Award, he has contributed dozens of plays to the Twin Cities theater community (well, not contributed as in “gave;” he got paid for the work). He’s also written a few screenplays, including “Casanova” and “The Duchess.”  

The one-man show is Hatcher retelling the memories of the event that launched him on his career.

Here's a little preview of the piece.

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