Representative Tom Hackbarth, (R-Cedar), is still considering whether to run in the Republican primary in House District 31B, after Republicans in his district endorsed East Bethel businessman Cal Bahr earlier this month. 

In an interview yesterday, Hackbarth did not rule out running in the primary and said he was "thinking about his options." Sources in Hackbarth's district have said Hackbarth will run in the primary against Bahr. 

Two members of the nominating committee in Hackbarth's district, said Hackbarth committed to abide by the endorsement and said he would not run against the endorsed candidate if he did not win the endorsement.

Dwight McCullough and Malcolm Vinger II, both interviewed Hackbarth at the Republican convention and said he agreed to abide by the endorsement of Republicans at the convention. 

McCullough said "Tom Hackbarth's integrity goes down the tubes," if he decides to run in the primary after committing to abide by the endorsement. 

Vinger said yesterday,"unfortunately if he runs in the primary, we're going to have to turn our backs on Tom Hackbarth." Vinger added, "[Hackbarth] said would abide by the endorsement and if he doesn't, well then we're going to make sure everybody knows it."

Hackbarth was first elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives in 1994. He was defeated for re-election on 1996, but was elected again in 1998 and has served for the past 18 years. 

Picture source: Minnesota House of Representatives, Carl Bahr for House