Star Tribune reporter Kevin Duchschere sends this update.

It’s now the running mate’s turn. The chant goes up: “Gunyou! Gunyou!”

“I never get that at home,” John Gunyou says.

He thanks everyone for their hard work since the convention, and especially for the strong effort this past weekend. As of tonight, he says, the campaign has called 2 million voters; today alone, 100,000 voters were contacted, he says.

Theirs, he says, is “the people power campaign.”

“As an Air Force veteran, it pains me to say that it’s not the air war that wins in Minnesota, it’s the ground game. And that’s why we’re going to win tonight.”

For now, Gunyou says, “we need to make sure that every vote is counted in Minnesota.” Franken, standing behind him, grimaces and nods.

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