A public "respectful conversation" about guns in Minnesota will be held Nov. 6 in Stillwater at St. Peter United Church of Christ, 111 Orleans St. E.

This 2013 forum topic, another in the Respectful Conversations Project, stresses open and impartial conversations "where you can actually be heard and learn about the people with whom you disagree." Last year's "Amendment to Define Marriage" involved 1,500 Minnesotans in 54 conversations statewide.

Jerad Morey of the Minnesota Council of Churches said the ground rules go like this: Speak for yourself. Avoid grand pronouncements about entire groups of people or assuming you know their position. "When someone is sharing his own experience, it takes away the potential for argument. You're helping people get to know you better."

The Stillwater conversation will be held from 6 to 9 p.m. Preregistration is required at www.mnchurches.org or by calling the Minnesota Council of Churches at 612-230-3344.

kevin giles