As Labor Day approaches, the resorters on the Gunflint Trail are looking to catch their second wind.  Many have started to lose staff who are going back to school.  It is still pretty busy up here so that means everyone left is working harder.

Fishing is a little spotty but there are success stories.  Andy Ahrendt at Tuscarora Outfitters says that canoe parties in Peter and Tuscarora Lakes are doing well for lake trout at about 45 feet.  Ogishkemuncie Lake has also been producing good catches of lake trout.  Bob Baker from Gunflint Pines says that bass have been biting well on slip bobbers with live bait or casting with small spoons.  On Gunflint Lake those fishermen using downriggers at 60-75 feet with spoons have been getting lake trout.  Mike Berg from Seagull Creek Fishing Camp says they have been catching eater walleyes but the big ones are scarce.  Even eaters sound pretty good to me.

Seagull Outfitters had a party return from a six-day trip in the Quetico.  Once they got past Silver Falls, the party did not see another person on their trip.  Speculation is that the higher cost of permits for a Quetico trip may be keeping people away.  The BWCAW with lower permit fees has been very busy.

Debbie Mark at Seagull also reports that they have had a otter hanging around their dock for a week or so.  Otters are very curious and not easily scared away.  As a result everyone can get a good look at them.  With their sleek bodies and strong swimming skills, they are beautiful to see in the water.  On land they are not quite as graceful.

Andy Ahrendt says that they have been regularly seeing a mother moose and her calf up across the road near end of the trail.  The animals seem to be hanging around Ontagon Lake.  There have not been lots of moose sightings lately.  Once we get into September the moose will reappear on a more regular basis.

Barbara Young at Poplar Creek Bed and Breakfast had a laugh on herself about a moose sighting.  One day she looked out her back dook and saw a moose.  She ran to the front door and called, "Moose in the yard" to let all the guests know.  Her next thought was of the dog who is scared of moose and runs away.  So now she is out the door loudly calling for the dog.  She calls so much for the dog that the moose is frightened off.

The blueberrries are about finished for the seson.  Brush along the side of the Trail is starting to turn color.  I have even seen a couple of maples that have turned red.  It is a little early for that.

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