At this time of year, Gunflint Trail fishing is always the first thing on everyone's mind.  Deb at Golden Eagle Lodge had a guest out fishing with Guide Roger Campbell.  They went up to Saganaga Lake.  The guest landed a 23' walleye and five others.  Other people in his party fished on Northern Light Lake (on the lower Trail) and landed walleyes and northern.  In Aspen Lake Biranna Baumann caught a walleye in the 21" range.  Luana Brandt at Nor'Wester says that she has been seeing "glorious walleyes and trout from the mid-Trail lakes."

Forrest Parsons at Hungry Jack Lodge also had some guests out with a guide.  The nine-year-old girl landed a 29 1/2" walleye on a slip bobber and a leech.  After pictures, the fish was returned to the water.  This party also caught some eating size walleyes.  Tom Caldwell at Loon Lake Lodge had two couples sharing a cabin this weekend.  One of the women caught a 17 1/2 lb. lake trout and the other woman caught a 12 1/2 lb. northern.  The husbands didn't get much at all.  Additionally, Tom had a guest bring in a 34" northern, the biggest fish his guests have caught so far this summer.

Bud Darling at Way of the Wilderness Canoe Outfitters said the guests at Trail's End Campground have been doing well on walleyes in Saganaga Lake.  Bob McCloughan from Bearskin Lodge says his guests have had good luck on BWCA lakes such as Crocodile and Adlter for walleyes.  They have been using slip bobbers and leeches too.  Sue Ahrendt at Tuscarora Lodge reports that her canoeing guests have done well fishing for lake trout in about 30' of water.  The warm waters are sending the lake trout into deep water earlier than usual.

Shari Baker at Gunflint Pines has seen some nice walleyes come in.  She says the bass are starting to be active.  Both Greg Gecas at Heston's Lodge and Forrest Parsons at Hungry Jack Lodge echoed Shari's comments.

The local wildlife has provided moments of interest at many resorts.  At Rockwood Mike Sherfy said that two guests refused to come out a cabin one night because they saw two green eyes (bear?) looking at them.  Turns out it was two green lights from the sump pump and septic lift station.

Down at Poplar Creek Guesthouse, Ted Young told me about his neighbor who has a Great Gray Owl's nest in his yard.  There are no young yet but the female is very evident.  He figures the owl took over a crow's nest because two crows are really raising a ruckus.

Luana Brandt at Nor'Wester had a pine marten get into a raven's nest.  The young ones were 8-10" fledglings but the marten got three of them almost immediately.  Luana has tried to save one of the ravens but it doesn't look good.

So goes another few days along the Gunflint Trail. 

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