Generally speaking we had a beautiful week on the Gunflint Trail.  All our guests were outside on the waterfront.  Kids were learning to paddle kayaks and canoes or just throwing rocks in the lake.  Fishermen were out with guides.  Many decided to eat lunch and dinner on the patio.  On Friday the weather changed and it was rainy.  As I look out my window today, things appear to be lightening up.  Bruce predicts it will clear this afternoon.

Guide Jon Schei from Gunflint Lodge has been catching lake trout by trolling with crank baits.  One of his guests brought in an 11 lb. trout.  It measured 34" in length.  He has also had luck with walleyes using leeches and night crawlers.  On the other hand Guide Dennis Todd has been catching walleyes in 18-30 feet of water using minnows.  Live bait of any kind seems to be the way to catch walleyes right now.  Dennis has also been catching a lot of 2-3 lb. lake trout in 40-65 feet of water jigging with spoons.  Mike Prom from Voyageur Canoe Outfitters reports that he had a party come in from the Granite River who did great using night crawlers for smallmouth bass and even got one up to 20".  Debbie Mark at Seagull Outfitters says her canoe parties are also catching lots of smallmouth bass and northern pike.  Shari Baker from Gunflint Pines sent her boys out fishing with their grandfather on Saganaga Lake.  They had good luck with walleyes.

We had a house fire up on Saganaga last week.  Shari said she saw a wolf on the road as she drove up to the fire.  Barb Gecas from Heston's  commented on how many wolves we have all seen this summer.  She feels all the wolves will keep the deer population down and give more of the young trees a chance to grow rather than be eaten by the deer.

Barb also mentioned that one of the homeowners watched a bear swim across Gunflint Lake from Canada.  It is not very often that you see that.  Everyone has been seeing an exceptional number of bear this summer.  With all the ripe berries, the bear have really had a feast.

We are finally getting near the end of the blueberry and raspberry seasons.  Both of these berries have been particularly prolific and long-lasting this summer.  We have all been earting fresh berries, pies and jam but the end is in sight.

Barbara Young at Poplar Creek Bed and Breakfast hasd a guest exploring a large open area behind their lodge.  This man is a hunter and he was counting the number of moose beds in this area.  He counted over 20 places where resting moose had flattened down the grasses.  Barbara and I wondered how many moose that represented.

Danny Baumann at Golden Eagle is starting to look ahead to the winter season.  This is the time of year when he starts mowing his ski trails.  It serves a dual puprose.  First they are ready for the ski season but before that his fall guests will have some great hiking trails.

I am taking a week off from writing.  Bruce and I will be out hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park next week.

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