Commenter Jim, part of the consortium of six that is in our season ticket group, was allotted the two passes to the Target Field open house over the weekend primarily because he was the only one who could go. In a text message, he described it as "rad." We asked if he could expand on that with a guest post, and here is the result:

I was very lucky to receive two tickets to the Target Field Open House Extravaganza. My brother, on vacation from So. Dak., was even more lucky, as he was able to come with me, leave his three darling children and wife napping in the hotel and enjoy a wonderful day at the ballpark. We walk in and this place is so nice. I mean really nice. Like when you went to the rich kids family's place for dinner and they had an incredible place AND HBO!.

Anyway, this place is so nice. We walk in and immediate see the field. The Grass (in caps for a reason, sort of like the Church) was covered with a white tarp like material to protect it from frost, BECAUSE THE TWINS PLAY OUTSIDE NOW! AWESOME! I have to go find my seats. Escalator to the right and another escalator then a soft left hand turn to section 223 and their they are, beautiful. My brother, Geoffy, and I sit down in the seats, sun on the face with the Twins v. Tigers tiebreaker game playing on the massive scoreboard. We watch the end of the game (I still can't believe that ball got out of the infield) and decide to walk around. Also, let's be serious, that ball hit Inge, there's no way it didn't.

We head down to the Twins Pub, look around, agree the view is great and decide to make our way to the Majestic Twins Clubhouse Store. During this walk, I finally vocalize my desire for a Schweigert Jumbo Hot Dog. Having eaten a Bacon Cheeseburger from Shamrock's on West 7th only a couple of hours earlier, I wasn't sure if I was up for the challenge. Geoffy and I keep walking, down to the first floor, into the Metropolitan Club, and down to the Twins store. I buy a hat, socks and scarf (for the lady). We decide it's probably best to get going. Geoffy wants to get back to the family and I wanted to watch some basketball (seriously Kansas and Go Dawgs). On the way out, I gave in and bought a jumbo dog. $5.25 for a dog and Barrel O'Fun chips. I didn't need to eat, but wanted to because I love America.

Takeaways for the day:

WAY better than the Metrodome

Dome Dogs will be missed, but the new Schweigert Jumbo Dogs are a tasty substitute.

When was the last time you had a bag Barrel O'Fun potato chips? If you can't remember, it's been too long.

Would it have killed the Twins to decorate one half of the "Twins Pub" with a Nye's Polonaise motif?

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