Whether you know him as Clarence Swamptown or Becker22 ... whether you know him as the father who has given up, the sports fan who will cross the line or the man who will tell you where to get pizza in rural areas ... you know he is funny. And he is our Commenter Of the Week. CS/B22?


I read in the Randball comments that John Sullivan, the Vikings’ starting center, was at a recent Alice in Chains concert. I also heard that Steve Hutchinson, another Vikings offensive lineman, was at a David Allen Coe concert at the Cabooze earlier this summer (as was Jared Allen).

If you could choose, would you rather your O-linemen listen to Grunge or Outlaw country? What kind of music do you want particular athletes to listen to? For example: I prefer that my closers, middle linebackers, and hockey goons listen to Death Angel or some other speed metal band. It makes them cooler and more effective (neck tattoos are also preferred, especially if it’s a tattoo of the Grim Reaper riding a motorcycle that is on fire and throwing puppies with cancer who are also on fire. A neck tattoo symbolizing your marriage is not scary. I like you, but maybe that’s why you’re not a closer. Just saying.). But it is okay if my kicker, crafty LOOGY, or salty veteran control pitcher listens to Christopher Cross or some other Yacht Rock wuss. Anything that keeps them calm and collected is ideal. (Proprietor note: Hilarious sentence redacted because of potential libel issues, even though it was 95 percent clear that he was joking. Despite what some people might tell you, "it's too hilarious to be libel" is not a proper defense.)

Anyways, I think some athletic positions lend themselves to particular genres of music. Your comments on the issue are welcome.

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