On Thursday, Minnesota’s economic and budget gurus will release their latest forecast for the state. Join in the fun by tweeting your forecast guess with the hashtag #mnforecast.

Minnesota's economic and budget gurus, the people who create a spreadsheet out of their internal guess the number of candies in the jar charity fundraiser, are permitted to submit guesses. In fact, insiders of all stripes are welcome.

For the non-insiders, check out the most recent economic updates for some background:

October update “Net non-dedicated general fund revenues totaled $4.086 billion during the first quarter of fiscal year 2014, $2 million less than projected in February.”

 July update “Minnesota’s net general fund receipts for FY 2013 are now estimated to total $17.927 billion, $463 million (2.7 percent) more than February’s forecast.”

April update “Minnesota’s net general fund revenues totaled $2.570 billion during February and March, $145 million (6.0 percent) more than forecast in February.”

And here's our running tally of guesses so far. Make yours on Twitter to be added to the list --  and win bragging rights and public recognition:


The contest will end when the Star Tribune gets the official number, which should be by or before 9:15 am Thursday.

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