I'm on the board the green bandwagon. I recycle religiously, take three-minute showers and screwed CFL bulbs into all my lamps.But I'm not embracing chairs made from discarded oil drums (available at www.peoriaemporium.com at the end of January). Artisans from around the world have converted Mobil and Texaco oil drums into shiny metal chairs that look like they were salvaged from a Dumpster. And they're not as cheap as they look-- they start at $155 for a stool.

Green-minded manufacturers are hoping our guilt will translate into repurposed and recycled furniture sales.  Will you furnish your family room with a mod lounger constructed from computer keyboards or line your wet bar with bar stools woven with reclaimed seat belts?.

The Twin Cities company By the Yard makes Adirondack chairs and patio dining sets that wil never rot or need painting because they're composed of recycled plastic milk jugs.  What will win out -- sterile plastic or earthy wood?

Thanks to the go-green movement, many of us are more committed to using home goods that cause the least amount of damage to the environment.

Do you have green furniture or accessories in your home? What  do you like about them?  Will you sacrifice style to save the earth?