Ready for a fourth "Walking Dead" series? That would include the Walking Dead In the Sky miniseries, playing out on commercials and the web in tiny chunks. (By the way, why do cities always lose their lights in big chunks when the outbreak starts? Do people in the power plants fall on the huge POWER OFF switch?) "Empire of the Walking Dead" is next.

In other franchise news, a disappointment: "The new Star Trek TV series, set to premier in January 2017, will not star Michael Dorn as “Captain Worf”. Dorn himself, confirmed to the audience at Rhode Island Comic-Con on Saturday that the series will not be the project he pitched to the network. The new series is being developed specifically for CBS All Access, the over-the-top streaming service.."

Too bad. It would have been good to see Worf Unbound; after seven years of grinding his teeth as tactical officer, you want to see him blow up stuff. At least he was put to good use in DS9. 

He was in DS9, right? Did I imagine that?

TECH Flickr's blog announces a new feature: "Want to know if your photo is from a U.S. national park? Want to know if it contains a bird? Just drag it into the box to the left, and we'll tell you." If only there was some way to do this offline, without computers,

There's a reason for it, and it has four letters.

ARCHITECTURE  The Seven MegaWonders of the Modern World, according to the Guardian. Not one is a private enterprise; not one is in the United States.

HISTORY Ten thousand Edison cylinders have been digitized and put online. That's astonishing. It's the ultimate dead audio format. (via BoingBoing.) It makes you wonder how long Mp3 will remain an audio standard; it'll have to go eventually, and someone will have to transfer petabytes over to the new format. But that's for the lattr part of the 21st century to worry about.