By Baird Helgeson

Gov. Mark Dayton will not be buying seasons tickets to see the Minnesota Vikings once the new stadium is built.

Dayton, a chief political backer of the coming  nearly $1 billion stadium, is opposed to the personal seat licensing arrangement that will allow the team to charge fans hundreds and even thousands of dollars for the right to purchase season tickets for a particular seat in the stadium.

Dayton said if he wants to see a Vikings game, he will buy a ticket like anyone else.

“I will probably go to one of their games, because I would like to see the inside stadium,” Dayton said. “But I would like to see a winning game, so that will narrow my options.”

The Vikings are 0-2 this year.

Vikings spokesman Lester Bagley said the governor seems to have forgotten the team's strong record last season.

"Wow," Bagley said. "The team just came of a 10-6 playoff season."

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