Gov. Mark Dayton struck a blow for civility Monday night in Shakopee.

Interrupted by hecklers who didn’t agree with his support for higher pay for legislators, an obviously agitated Dayton said, “I’ve been all over the state, and I’ve never had people behave this rudely. You know, if you want to say something, raise your hand and get a mike.”

Well done, governor. Public figures too often back down or storm off when confronted with blowhards.

You can sort of picture the offenders in the “Meetings with Mark” audience even though they weren’t visible in the video of the forum that circulated Tuesday. Just recall the last road-rager you encountered, or the dolt who jumped in front of you in the checkout line.

Rude behavior is an epidemic, and Dayton’s willingness to call it out was refreshing.


Scott Gillespie is the Star Tribune's editorial page editor.