Christian Sande, a Democratic attorney who ran for Secretary of State in 2006, is the latest mover in a series of shake ups caused by B. Todd Jones becoming the head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

On Friday after, Gov. Mark Dayton announced that he had picked Sande to sit on the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board.Christian Sande//source: Christian Sande LLC

That seat was left open when Andrew Luger was recommended to replace Jones as the U.S. Attorney for Minnesota. Luger had been on the campaign finance board since 2010.

The board, which decides campaign finance cases, has a partisan make up by design.

According to state law: "Two members must be former members of the legislature who support different political parties; two members must be persons who have not been public officials, held any political party office other than precinct delegate, or been elected to public office for which party designation is required by statute in the three years preceding the date of their appointment; and the other two members must support different political parties. No more than three of the members of the board may support the same political party. No member of the board may currently serve as a lobbyist."

Among other matters, the board is considering a complaint from the Republican Party which claimed the DFL Party coordinated independent spending with candidates. The campaign finance board also has plans to modernize its website and digital offerings to make details of campaign issues and public disclosure more accessible.

The board recently cancelled its plan for an October meeting and will meet next in November.

Sande will join the board on Oct. 9, according to Dayton's office, and will serve through January of 2015.

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