The good folks over at Forever Irish *think* they have a way to tidy up this whole conference realignment mess.

It's called the SuperDuper MegaMax Conference America /USA / Galaxy/ Universe Conference.

Or, if you prefer, The Big 76.

Some of the details:

There will be nine divisions of eight teams each. (Well, actually, one division has 12 teams, but you’ll see why). For an eight-game conference schedule, each school will play one game per season -- selected at random by a computer in Opalocka, Florida -- against one team from each of the other eight divisions.

We're listening. But where do the Gophers land?

NFL Double-header Division

Going to see the Dolphins, Vikings, Seahawks or five other NFL teams? See if you can check out the local college eleven as part of your weekend.  Tickets are usually not a problem.

Georgia Tech
South Florida

Fair enough. Competitively, this sets up better than the Legends and Leaders. But what about the postseason?

Of course, the greatest news is that this all sets up perfectly for what everyone has always wanted -- a true, settle-it-on-the-field college football playoff! It’s simple. The top 52 teams automatically make the round of 64; with 24 schools competing for the final 12 spots. Games continue Saturday after Saturday, as the field is pared to 64, then 32, then 16, 8, 4, and finally -- the National Championship Game, approximately March 1.Don’t you see, it flows seamlessly into March Madness. And the champion (assuming it comes from the top 52 schools) must only win six playoff games to claim the title.

Of course, Forever Irish -- a Notre Dame blog -- smugly puts the Irish in the Brainiacs Division. Then again, if a full conference schedule was ever introduced, games against the likes of Rice, Northwestern and Duke might be a step up in competition from the usual South Bend ritual.

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