My latest SORT (Series of Random Thoughts):

-The Gophers are getting worse. Their offense was pathetic against South Dakota State on Saturday, Adam Weber looks like he's regressed five years in the last three months, the Gophers have no running game, and anyone wanting to see this team get whipped in a bowl game is a masochist.

-I'm going to have Wolves boss David Kahn on the radio Sunday morning. He'd like to clear up what he says is a misperception about the Wolves' use of the Triangle Offense. I will apologize for calling anything they are doing right now an ``offense.''

-I think Kurt Rambis is a smart and tough guy, but I'm not sure he has the personality to last through a 10-72 season. It's one thing to say that you don't expect to win in a given season; it's another thing to survive the season with relationships and philosophies intact.

-Here's my preferred, realistic Twins infield for next April (before they blow it up and start all over, as they do every other year): Nick Punto at 2b (I know you hate him, but he's a good field who can turn the doubleplay, and if your No. 9 hitter hits .240, your No. 9 hitter hits .240. Get over it.); Hardy at SS (of course) and a veteran bridge at third who keeps the Twins from being dependent on Danny Valencia (maybe Pedro Felix, maybe Joe Crede, maybe someone who hasn't surfaced yet.)

One good thing for the Twins: Teams are increasingly reluctant to commit multiple years or big bucks to average, fill-a-gap players, meaning the kind of player the Twins usually covet in free agency might be more affordable.

-What a strange sports weekend: The visiting teams are the Detroit Lions, the Tennessee Tech basketball team, the South Dakota State football team, and the Bemidji State hockey team...and Bemidji State is the powerhouse.

-If the Gopher hockey team loses any more players, Lucia is going to have to have more kids.

-Upcoming: As always, you can follow me on twitter at SouhanStrib. Sunday I'll cover the Vikings-Lions game, Sunday night I'll be on Rosen's Sports Sunday with that slacker Mark Rosen, and Sunday morning I"ll host my show on am-1500, from 10-noon. Guests will include Wolves basketball boss David Kahn, Detroit Free Press columnist Michael Rosenberg (to talk Lions, Michigan football, Tigers, etc.) and columnist Drew Olson (to talk Packers, JJ Hardy, Brewers, Wisconsin sports, etc.)

Rosenberg and Olson are two of my favorite people in the business and great guests. Reusse will come on to do NFL picks.

Reusse got on me last week for not including the name of my co-host when I plugged the show. He's right. I should do that.

Remember, if you don't buy the newspaper, the terrorists win.


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