Once upon a time, technology was about computers. It was about big bulky things that sat on a desk or maybe a laptop.

Not anymore.

The keynote address at Google I/O, an annual conference for developers, made it clear the tech giant is aiming for your wrist, your television and your car.

They showed off two smart watches and teased another, all running on Android Wear. They introduced Android TV and Android Auto. Then they promised that those things would work together and play nicely with plain old computers and smartphones, too.

Then Google gave away 6,000 smartwatches to everybody in the San Francisco audience. Here's a rundown of lots of the details, including protestors and controversy.

Back here in Minnesota, where local companies hosted events to watch the livestream of the conference, there weren't free smart watches. But there were free burgers -- arguably just as important since the keynote address lasted nearly three hours. 

The Nerdery, a tech company in Bloomington, hosted about 60 people for a barbecue and all-day Google I/O Extended event. (They also gave away a few Chromecast devices.)

Google Glass users shared their experiences so far, Nerdery employees who built a Google Chrome Cube Lab talked about that project, and panelists weighed in on what they thought of the keynote.

Chris Black, an Android developer at the Nerdery, was encouraged by the operating system's spread across new devices.

"Not only are they going into emerging markets but they're expanding into cars, into televisions and into watches," he said.

He's most excited for a smart watch, although he's opting to wait until one with a round face comes out later this summer.

"I was on the fence about buying the watch before this presentation and after seeing the auto unlock and the demo, I'm now set," Black said. "I'm going to buy it as soon as it's available."

Google everywhere.

(Photo above: David Singleton, director of engineering for Android, introduces the LG G Watch during the Google I/O keynote on June 25. Photo by AP Images for LG Electronics.)

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