The good thing about "Planet Minigolf" is that its biggest problem is potentially treatable with a patch. But if that never happens, the problem -- control -- rates pretty high on the list of issues not to have. On every other front, "Minigolf" is an extraordinary package for $10. The 16 nine-hole courses, which disperse over four environments, look great and offer a healthy mix of surprises and homages to classic minigolf traps. A surprisingly rich course editor allows players to create courses and share them online. There's a single-player campaign as well as online and local multiplayer (up to six players). The game even supports three-on-three team play. So it's too bad about those controls: The default analog-stick scheme is way too touchy to feel natural, and the button-centric alternate controls (in addition to being entirely too easy to miss completely in the menus) suffer the same problem. Practice makes that touchiness easier to anticipate, and the present settings are nowhere near unreasonable enough to completely derail the experience. But "Minigolf" will need some fine-tuning before it feels as effortlessly intuitive as the PS3's best traditional golf games do.