Harmon Killebrew was fifth on the all-time home run with 573 when he retired after the 1975 season. He hit his final home run for Kansas City and off the Twins' Eddie Bane on Sept. 18, 1975.

Killebrew held the fifth position on the all-time list for 26 years. He was passed with home run No. 574 by the following players:

Mark Mc-Gwire, Aug. 11, 2001, his 20th of the season.

Barry Bonds, April 13, 2002, his seventh of the season.

Sammy Sosa, Oct. 2, 2004, his 35th of the season.

Ken Griffey Jr., May 25, 2007, his 11th of the season.

ON DECK: Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees hit his 572nd home run Sunday, moving him one behind Killebrew. Jim Thome (557) and Manny Ramirez (538) figure to pass Killebrew, knocking him from the top 10.