The opener is upon us and the weather couldn't be setting up any better. Warming temps this week will pull fish into the shallows and you should be able to target both numbers and size in the skinny water areas. Look for shorelines with a defined inside weed edge and some hard bottom nearby. Largemouth will get into shallow backwater areas and will commonly set up for spawning in 6 feet of water or less......less could mean in as little as a foot of water.  Smallmouth tend to prefer a higher gravel to rock bottom content but will use sandy areas as well. In general smallies prefer to spawn in 3-7 feet of water and you should be able to find them there. Presentations should include Tube baits, Plastic worms, Sluggo style baits and lighter jig/plastic combos. This can also be a great time to target emerging Lilly Pads with topwater.... Buzz and Frog style baits excell here as well as a spinner bait worked just under the surface.

The fish will be easy pickins this weekend so if you are not getting action change locations and tactics untill you hit the mother lode.......then take a picture and put them back for next week.

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