Just a quick blog of positivity on a day of negative news in the world of children and parenting. As of 4 p.m. Wednesday, top headlines included the startling alleged maltreatment by parents of a 12-year-old who got an F, and the conclusion of another investigation into the suicide of a Minnesota teen who was bullied.

Fantasy football guru Paul Charchian diverted from the usual sports-of-the-day talk on KFAN this morning to discuss how children crave more time with their parents -- rather than more material possessions. He then relayed a highlight of his parenting life so far -- his very first jogs with his young daughter:

"One of the things I've always been waiting for is my daughter to take an interest in running and wanting to go running with me. She turned six and she said she wanted to go jogging with me. So we went out, got some running shoes, and put on some shorts, and she went on her first jog with me a couple weeks ago. And it was without a doubt one of my all time favorite fatherhood moments. We ran .85 miles. We have a long block that we ran around -- .85 miles -- together. She ran the whole thing without stopping. We talked about running, we talked about stuff going on in her life and her school and everything. It was so cool, and three days later she wants to go again ..."

I think it struck me so much because I can relate. Moving the family back to Minnesota from Nebraska a few years back, I wanted nothing more than to get the family out on cross country skis. The kids flopped and fell all over the first time out, but now skiing has become a frequent way for the family to do something together and to talk. (It's amazing how much your kid well tell you when you're just doing other activities with him or her.)

What are your moments for connecting with your kids? Are there certain activities that just breed togetherness in your family? Please share your thoughts and your stories in the comments below ...


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