Aaron and John talk about Justin Morneau's resurgence, the Twins' options with the No. 2 pick, Jason Marquis' departure, Francisco Liriano's move back into the rotation, the best baseball movies of all time, first impressions of Cole De Vries, their PickPointz MVP picks, Johan Santana's return to greatness, and why Anthony Slama can't catch a break. Here are:


Twins Daily was all over the news about Jeff Manship's promotion on Saturday night.

As Twins fans watched the game yesterday, they also tuned into Twins Daily's chat about the team.

In the GATG podcast, we talk about the draft which happens a week from Memorial Day. We mention to Twins Daily features you might want to check out. First, there is an interview with Kevin Gausman, one of three top right-handed collge pitchers in the draft. Also, if the Twins DON'T take a pitcher with the #2 pick (and it looks like they might not) there are plenty of other pitchers for them to consider with the rest of the high picks they have.