Aaron and John talk about the Twins' starting pitching, Delmon Young not going to Hebrew school, booing Joe Mauer, putting past division titles in perspective, Ben Revere's brief return, skipping Francisco Liriano, Ron Gardenhire's odd bullpen usage on Friday, and jinxing anything and everything. Here are:



Danny Valencia's big day coincided with Brandon Inge being picked up by the Oakland A's, so it appears that Danny Valencia will have more time to work through his slow start. If you're wondering about the pros and cons of picking up Inge, Twins Daily Forum talked about that in depth over the weekend.

If you're wondering about how to turn the Twins offense around, Twins Daily member passes along all kind of information that indicates the problem isn't the Twins offense.

Twins Daily also has the minor league action covered on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The minor league news included a promotion to a player that could help the Twins bullpen significantly.