Aaron and John talk about Francisco Liriano's latest ugly start, Luke Hughes leaving via the waiver wire, the clock ticking on Alexi Casilla and Danny Valencia, phone calls from listeners, why the bullpen has been better than expected, our Pickpointz MVP and why getting old stinks. Here are:

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Twins Daily is obsessing about Francisco Liriano, too. Parker talks about how the Twins coaching staff is trying to tweak Liriano's pitch selection but in the forum the question is whether or not it's time for Liriano to go.

But the big happening on Monday is going to be Twins Daily's first ever "Adopt A Prospect" event.

(cue sappy Eyes of an Angel music) 

Every year, dozens of Twins prospect toil away in relative obscurity asking for nothing more than a little recognition. You can make their dream come true. With "Adopt a Prospect" you pick one prospect, and you'll be the only one that can adopt that player. They belong to YOU.

Best of all, it's not going to cost you 80 cents a day. Instead, on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, you check in on them, find out how they're doing, and proclaim their successes to the world on our Adopt a Prospect forum. Imagine the joy on their face - and those of their parents - when they see that they're hard work is recognized.

You can make that dream come true. Just stop the Adopt A Prospect forum any time after 10:00 on Monday and sign up. Do it for the kids.