Anne Marsen dances her way through the film adaptation of Girl Talk's album "All Day."

Anne Marsen dances her way through the film adaptation of Girl Talk's album "All Day." 

GIRL TALK MOVIE SCREENING: Is it a movie screening or a dance party? Sound Unseen film fest organizer Jim Brunzell is moving his monthly series out of the puny Trylon Microcinema and into First Avenue on June 15, and not just for the extra room: The movie he’s screening is “Girl Walk / All Day,” an adaptation of dance-music mash-up wizard Girl Talk’s album “All Day.”

As you can see in the preview clip below, the movie follows a young girl who busts out of her daily ballet routine for a day on the town in New York. It sort of looks like one long music video, but a pretty damn jubilant video at that. The film's makers are eschewing conventional movie-release avenues and setting up viewing parties like this, also including one this weekend at the Bonnaroo festival and one in March at South by Southwest. For the Minneapolis installment, professional dancers from Arena Dances will also be a part of the show (9 p.m., $8, click here for tickets or more info).

NIRVANA MOVIE SCREENING: Another monthly movie series for musicheads, Rob Chapman’s Rock & Roll Moving Picture Show lands again Thursday (tomorrow) night at the Parkway Theater in south Minneapolis. This month’s screening is “Nirvana: Live at Reading,” which captures the band at the mega-fest in England in 1992 just as the craze surrounding “Nevermind” reached its apex.

“Live at Reading” might be best remembered as the show where Kurt Cobain was rolled out onto the stage in a wheelchair wearing a wig and hospital gown (more creepy than funny in hindsight). Nirvana diehards know it better as probably the best commercially available document of the band’s onstage prowess. The opener “Breed” and mid-set versions of “In Bloom,” “About a Girl” and “On a Plain” are absolutely ballistic. The film also boasts interesting versions of “All Apologies” (then unreleased) and the early single “Spank Thru.” Chapman will introduce the movie and give away some prizes before the screening (7 p.m., $12, click here for tickets).

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