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High: Receiving an incredible outpouring of support
Low: Unfortunately, this will be my last contribution to the YourVoices Blog Community

***Getting Out of Your Own Way***

Over and over again, you have decided what you wanted to do. Over and over again you have convinced yourself that pursuit of your interests is not worth the effort. Les Brown during a presentation told the story of two young friends walking on a frozen lake in the winter. When one friend fell into a crack in the ice the other ran to a nearby tree, took a large and heavy branch then broke through the ice essentially saving the person's life. When adults arrived they questioned how a small child could have the strength to climb the tree, break the branch, break the ice and save their friend. A neighbor replied saying it was able to be done because there was no one around to convince the child otherwise. There was no one to say that it was not possible - so it was easy to believe that it was possible. 

In order to meet your aspirations you will need to keep the kind of company that encourages you to make things happen that others may not see as possible. Stop using your energy to convince yourself of your own inabilities. Make use of that energy in taking steps to achieve your goals and bring your vision to fruition. 

In 2012 I coordinated a Black History Month Science Fair with no experience and little knowledge of the Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) field. I set the goal of distributing $1,500 in scholarships at a competition that highlights the talents of our youth and honors the contributions of the Black community to the STEM field. There was a large number of people who thought it was a good idea but only a slim few who took it upon themselves to actually support the initiative. Once I made a clear decision to move forward with the concept things fell into place and I was able to make something from nothing. This example goes to show that it is possible to create things with just an idea as long as you have the support. 

If you don't believe you have all the support that you need - think again. Farrah Gray said there is no idea so stupid that you can't get a million people to buy it. Seek encouragement in family, friends, acquaintances, authority figures, books, speakers and coaches. By the time you have thoroughly researched and engaged your resources you will find the support that you need. 

Get out of your way and get to work.

"Wherever you go, go with all your heart." - Confucius

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This being my last post for the Your Voices Blog Community, I wanted to bring things to a bookend with re-posting my very first contribution from 2008: Thanks Trib!

The purpose of this first blog is to give a very gratuitous thank you to the StarTribune for providing me with this opportunity to share my voice with the public through the medium of this blog with the promotion of the "Trib". Thanks Also to the Trib for making me feel as though my opinion is has some validity.

I'll be using this blog to express my concerns with issues faced in the Rondo community in particular but also in communities throughout the Twin Cities and throughout the nation. I will be presenting my position on various social and political happenings as well as sociological circumstances that exist which hinder the growth and progress of those aforementioned communities.

I intend to explain my position as a collegiate student activist and reach out to others to get new perspectives on those things that we all face in my everyday life. I look forward to sharing my thoughts with this new found audience.

Stay tuned!


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