The Garganey, a very rare duck visitor from Eurasia, was in place at Crex Meadows Wildllife Area as of Sunday afternoon. Crex is just north of Grantsburg, Wisconsin. The bird is being seen in a pond on the northeast corner of Burnett County Road F and Able Road. This is about a mile north of County Road D, which runs east and west at the northern edge of the city. County F runs due north from downtown Grantsburg. The Cinnamon Teal, regular in Minnesota but not easy to find, was being seen in a field puddle about half a mile east of Stewart, Minnesota. The puddle is along 75th Avenue, which is parallel to Highway 212 on its north side.


Garganey with Blue-winged Teal. 

The Garganey is the lead bird, flying with Blue-Winged Teal.

The Cinnamon Teal is second bird from the right.

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Garganey at Crex Meadows

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