Samsung is sticking to its tested formula for the Note9, its newest high-end smartphone. Available on Friday, it also has a 512-gigabyte model for $1,259, a 6.4-inch screen and is available in blue or lavender.

The company’s product event follows a quarter of disappointing sales of Samsung’s Galaxy S9. The Note line, which set the trend for large-screen phones and includes a stylus, has traditionally been one of Samsung’s most distinctive and has acted as a testing ground for new features. And despite a disastrous spate of battery fires that prompted the recall of the Note7, the Note line has proved to be the Samsung product with the most loyal following.

The S Pen, the Note stylus, has received the most technological upgrades since the last model. It now has a Bluetooth connector, meaning it can function as a remote control for giving presentations or listening to music. Samsung said the pen’s battery will last for 200 clicks, or half an hour. It will charge in less than a minute.

The Note9’s battery, Samsung said, can now last more than a day before being charged. And new chips in the smartphone give it a faster data connection. Samsung is using that connection and improved processors to frame the Note9 as an ideal mobile-gaming device. Jumping on the Fortnite trend, Samsung has struck a deal with Fortnite developer Epic Games to give all Note9 users access to the game. Nongamers can choose to get headphones from AKG instead.



Upgrade sensors to include a gas detector

Most people have smoke detectors in their homes — hopefully several. And homes and apartments with gas appliances should also have carbon monoxide detectors.

But a new device in the safety category are gas detectors.

The Kidde Gas & Carbon Monoxide Alarm needs electrical power to work, but it also includes a 9-volt battery for brief power outages.

The alarm will sound before carbon monoxide or gas levels get high enough to cause you harm or explode. The alarm is an 85-decibel siren. The sensors in the alarm are good for seven years of continuous operation.