Jerome Felton had one of the better games by a true fullback that the Vikings have seen in some time.

On the field and on the sideline.

"He was a presence [on the field]," offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave said. "He was also a  presence on the sideline in terms of being a leader. He suggested a couple of ammendments during the game. We took them to heart and they really paved the way for good runs there in the second half."

Unlike a lot of coaches, Musgrave is open to advice from players during the game.

"When a player can give us some insight to what's going on out there, it's invaluable," he said. "We take it to heart and discuss it. At times, it has merit. And at times, it's something we file away and use at a future date. That communication is essential between player and coach, especially during the game."

Here are some other highlights from the press conferences with Musgrave and special teams coordinator Mike Priefer:

  • The Colts ditched their long-time commitment to a 4-3, Tampa 2-based defense and have replaced it with a 3-4. The head coach, Chuck Pagano, is the former defensive coordinator in Baltimore. And his defensive coordinator, Greg Manusky, has ties to San Diego and San Francisco. "There are going to be some unknowns," Musgrave said. "There are going to be some unscouted looks that we'll see on Sunday that they haven't been willing to reveal to this point. There's a lot of Baltimore to this defense and a little bit of San Diego and San Franciscio."
  •  Asked if he's ever seen anyone the size of Percy Harvin run as hard as Harvin does, Musgrave said, "No. Never. What would be the term? `No Fair Dodging.' That's Percy's theme. He's not going to avoid anybody. He can make people miss, like we know. He's agile. But he's not going to run out of bounds. He's going to try to run over or through somebody."
  • More from Musgrave on Harvin: "The kid is so sharp. We put him all over the place. Different personnel groups. Different concepts. He occupies different places when we letter our guys in the huddle. So he's really got to immerse himself into the game plan, and to his credit, he does that."
  • Priefer said he was "thinking game-tying field goal all along" during the waning seconds of Sunday's win over the Jaguars. "To be honest with you, anything in that situation inside of 65 yards you got to go for it," Priefer said.
  • Kicker Blair Walsh ended up kicking the game-tying field goal from 55 yards. Priefer has a reliable source that the kick would have been good from 60 yards. "My son wilson was the K-ball ballboy under the goal post," Priefer said. "He came to me right before overtime and said, `Dad, that was good from 60.' So, according to my 14-year-old son, it was good from 60."
  • Asked what it would take to sell a 64-yard field goal attempt as time expired -- as opposed to a Hail Mary -- Priefer said, "I think a little less harder now, to be honest with you. He's shown he can handle the situation."
  • More from Priefer on the 55-yarder from Walsh: "He knew going out there that he didn't need to do anything extraordinary because he has the leg strength to do it. I think that was probably his smoothest field goal of the day. The other ones maybe we're going to coach a little bit off of. but that one I can't find anything wrong with it. That thing was perfect in terms of his technique. The snap was perfect. The hold was perfect. The protection was outstanding. It just made it look easy."
  • Also, center John Sullivan and cornerback Antoine Winfield are not practicing today. Sullivan has an ankle injury. Winfield is at the funeral for his younger brother, Anthony Travis, 30, who was shot and killed in Akron, Ohio last week. We'll get an update on Sullivan's status and other injury news after talking with coach Les Frazier after practice.


a little less now. 

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