Last year, to my great surprise, I found that I had a mulberry bush growing.   I was watching a chipmunk climb up a tree all the way out to the end branches.  It was comical, he almost fell -- so I wanted to check out why he was performing such antics.  Then I researched and found I had a mulberry.  This year,  I was prepared to get the berries before the animals.

So we grabbed an old shower curtain and stapled it to two cedar posts (the 6' kind you use for tomato staking).  We both climbed to the back area of my garden.  My husband held the 'catch net' and I shook tree and pulled off the purple mulberries.

Yum!  Look at this bowlful.


Now what?  I found an article for triple berry crunch and happened to have frozen blueberries so made a double berry crunch.  It was delicious warm with a little ice cream.

We only harvested about a third of the berries.  Does anyone else have ideas what to do with the rest?