Some of the same questions that were raised in the Twin Cities about Jerry Kill's new job at Kansas State also were being raised in Kansas after it was announced that he was taking a new job as associate athletic director with the responsibility for overseeing the football program.

So Kill went out of his way, in some detail, to explain that he's not a candidate to succeed 76-year-old K-State coach Bill Snyder when he decides to retire. Here's the full Kill, as reported by the Wichita Eagle: "Here's the thing I want to clear up real quick: I cannot ever be a head coach. That is just the way my life is going to be, and I am very understanding of that. My next journey is this journey. My way of being part of student-athletes and part of a football program is just this, mentoring people. I even checked it out with my doctor before I got this far. I have to live a little different life than I did before, and I am OK with it."