Independent of each other, colleague Matt DeLong and I put out social media calls to Vikings fans asking for their superstitions and rituals. As expected, you guys are a superstitious bunch — and you’re leaving nothing to chance Sunday when the Vikings play the Eagles in the NFC Championship Game.

Here are some of the best responses we received:

From reader Joe: I wear my Randy Moss jersey every Sunday and my cat named Joe lays on my Chad Greenway jersey. It has brought our team good luck so far and hope to bring home a title this year!!

From Marie: My rituals change week to week for games – I’m a Minnesotan living in Chicago, so most Sundays are spent at Redmond’s Ale House (Chicago’s only Vikings bar). I’m extremely superstitious, so anytime someone says something positive about the Vikes, like, “we’re going to win,” or “we’re going to the Super Bowl,” etc, I force them to knock on wood. Literally. I carry around this block in my purse, too, just in case there’s no real wood nearby.

From Lizanne, who provides photographic evidence that she does her nails the same way every game (this is just one of several photos she passed along from different weeks):

From Lisa: ALWAYS red wine and out of both glasses!

From Beth: I’m from Portland, Oregon. My good luck charm is my original Helga Hat from 1984. I wear it every game.

And a few good ones straight from Twitter:

Of course, Eagles fans have their own routines as well. Whose good luck charms will win out on Sunday?

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