From time to time, we step out of the sports world to write about music, pop culture, or current events. Today, we're going to indulge ourselves with a weather rant, which we thought of this morning while spending approximately 90 minutes shoveling and snowblowing around our house.

This winter is like all the worst relationships you have ever had, all rolled into one.

How, you might ask? Oh, let us tell you!

*It's cold. So very cold. Like the meanest person you ever dated.

*It teases you. You think the 35-degree days will make up for all the bad times, but you are so very wrong. Because just when things are going well, they are about to become the worst.

*It makes you question the very fabric of your choices. What is wrong with us? Does it say something about our character that we put up with this? Yeah, you've asked yourself that about this winter and a terrible ex.

*It makes you stop seeing your friends. Big night out planned? Nope! How about a mountain of snow or a mountain of guilt trip to keep you shut in.

*It's gotten to the point where there isn't even any place to put the snow. It's piled too high. Even if you wanted to dump it, you couldn't ... like a long-term relationship that should mercifully end but won't because you have a long-term lease and a lot of stuff you bought together.

Feel free to pile on in the comments.

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